Let by Jacksons is an independent Property Management Company specialising only in Property Letting and Management. Based on 12 years’ experience in South Cumbria, we aim to offer our clients the best service possible based on total professionalism and our extensive knowledge of residential lettings and block management in the area.

We realise that Landlords wish to benefit from the investment they have made in their properties and realise that occupancy is of paramount importance together with finding good, reliable tenants who will look after your property during the Tenancy.

With a new daily updated website, we can give your property maximum exposure to ensure speedy lettings and quick negotiation to secure the tenancy.

Let by Jacksons carry out credit checks together with references from previous Landlords, current and past employment together with character references to make sure that applicants are thoroughly acceptable. From 1st June 2019, Landlords and their agents are not permitted to charge the applicants for the referencing so the charge of £100 plus VAT is payable by the Landlord for this service on each renewal of the tenancy.


When we initially access the property, we indicate what we believe to be a realistic current market value rent achievable. Applicants usually accept our valuation but there is often need for some negotiation.

Payments are due every calendar month, in advance, starting from the commencement of the Tenancy Agreement (rent day) by Standing Order. If rent is paid by cheque then there will be a short period for the cheque to clear before forwarding payment to you from our Client Account, Details of which are: NatWest Bank, 2 High Street, Windermere, Sort Code 010975 Account No 62097687


We require a deposit for all tenancies, the deposit is usually equal to one month’s rental. The deposit is held to ensure that the tenant looks after the property, this is refundable at the end of the tenancy, after the tenant has vacated, provided that the property and the Tenants account is in an acceptable condition and the inventory is correct. As from 5th April 2007 the Deposit Protection Scheme holds all deposits taken by Let by Jacksons, further details are available at

Once the Tenant has vacated the property you, as Landlord, can inspect the property yourself prior to the deposit being returned (within 21 days of the end of the Tenancy).

Commencement of the Tenancy

The Tenancy commences on the date shown on the Tenancy Agreement. Prior to the tenant moving in Let by Jacksons will compile an inventory and schedule of condition of the property. This will list all furnishings and the condition of the property together with meter readings for gas, electricity and water where appropriate. A copy of the inventory will be given to both Landlord and Tenant giving both parties the opportunity to confirm the accuracy of the document. Meter readings are passed on to the relevant utility companies and South Lakeland District Council are informed of the change of occupancy. Unfortunately, BT will not take third party information so as a Landlord you must contact them to inform them of the change of account. Equally the Tenants must inform BT if they wish to be reconnected.


All new tenancies commence with a maximum 6 month Assured Shorthold Contract. Once this contract has run for 3 months, the property is inspected, and the tenancy reviewed. Let by Jacksons then write to you asking if you wish the tenancy to continue. If you do not wish the tenancy to continue, we ask you contact us immediately so that the statutory notice can be served (this must be served at least 2 months before the end of the Assured Shorthold Contract terminates).

Once the Landlords answer has been received, the Tenants are contacted, they can opt to leave the property at the end of the lease or request permission to continue in which case they can have a new Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for a period of 6 months or often one year. Often both Landlord and Tenant do not wish to commit themselves to a definite period so the contract can become “statutory periodic” whereby the Tenant is able to remain in the property under the terms of the original contract without signing a new fixed period Agreement. Should the tenants wish to leave at any time then they only need to give one month’s notice from the rent day however as a Landlord you will be required to give 2 months’ notice from the rent day.

The Landlord should be aware that when the Tenant is issued with a Notice requiring Possession (Section 21 notice) the tenant must vacate the property on the date specified, however should the Tenant fail to vacate the property, enforcement of this notice can only be arranged through the Courts.

End of Tenancy

Once the tenancy ends, we arrange to meet the Tenants at the property to inspect the property again and check the inventory, we take meter readings, collect the keys and obtain a forwarding address for the Tenants. The deposit is refunded when we are satisfied that the property has been returned in good condition and the rental is up to date. The Deposit Protection Scheme will be contacted who will refund the Tenants’ deposit within 10 working days.

Should a dispute arise regarding the property’s condition, the Tenant is asked to rectify the problem, if the Tenant does not rectify the problem to our satisfaction, we will instruct the DPS (Tenants Deposit Scheme) in our report and they will deduct the appropriate amount based on the production of a valid invoice.


We conduct regular inspections of all tenanted properties firstly to ensure that the Tenants are taking care of the property and also to check the property for any maintenance problems that may have occurred. If anything requires attention, we will inform you as soon as possible to reduce the possibility of the problem escalating and the potential cost of repairs increasing. Inspections enable us to get to know the tenants better so that when the lease is due for renewal, we can be confident in the advice we offer you.


Faults unfortunately occur from time to time – when a tenant contacts us, we immediately contact you, in many cases the problem will be resolved quickly and easily however there are 2 important points to remember;

Firstly, if a serious fault occurs i.e. water burst, electrical fault and we are unable to contact you we will authorise the repair up to the cost equivalent of twice the agreed monthly rent (authorisation for this is contained in our Agency Agreement). There is a “statutory obligation” (Section 11 Landlord and Tenants Act 1985) for a Landlord to make emergency repairs within a specified period so action must be taken quickly.

Secondly, once a property is tenanted, Landlords have an obligation to make sure that it is well maintained – we recommend repairs are carried out quickly for both the peace of mind of the Landlord and Tenant.

Tenants have the right to contact the Environmental Health if repairs are not addressed quickly and any ensuing enforcement order could include extra repairs and more costs.