Let by Jacksons is a reputable independent Property Management Company specialising exclusively in Property Letting and Management. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service, marked by professionalism and extensive knowledge of residential lettings and block management in the region.

We understand that as a Landlord, your priority is to maximize the return on your property investment. That’s why we emphasize the importance of occupancy and finding reliable tenants who will care for your property throughout the tenancy.

To ensure swift lettings and secure tenancies, our website is updated daily and any potential tenants that have left details with us are regularly contacted. This enables us to give your property maximum exposure and attract potential tenants quickly. Our skilled team excels in negotiation and will work diligently to secure the right tenancy agreement for your property.

At Let by Jacksons, we prioritise thorough tenant screening. We conduct comprehensive credit checks and obtain references from previous landlords, current and past employers, as well as character references. This rigorous screening process ensures that applicants meet our stringent standards and are suitable for your property.

Our commitment to professionalism and attention to detail sets us apart. We go the extra mile to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your property is in capable hands. You can rely on Let by Jacksons to manage the entire letting process with efficiency and integrity.


During the initial property assessment, we provide an honest and realistic current market value rent estimation. Our experience and knowledge of the local market enable us to determine a rental value that is both fair and achievable. Applicants typically accept our valuation, setting the stage for a smooth rental process.

Rent payments are scheduled on a monthly basis, due in advance, starting from the commencement of the Tenancy Agreement. To ensure convenience and promptness, we encourage tenants to set up a Standing Order for rent payments. If payment is made by cheque or cash, a short processing period is required for the cheque to clear before forwarding the payment to you from our secure Client Account.

At Let by Jacksons, we prioritize timely and reliable rental payments, allowing you to manage your finances efficiently and with peace of mind. Our transparent and streamlined payment procedures ensure that you receive your rental income in a timely manner.


To ensure the protection of both landlords and tenants, we require a deposit for all tenancies. Typically, the deposit amount is equivalent to one month’s rent. This deposit serves as a security measure, ensuring that the tenant maintains the property in good condition throughout the tenancy period. At the end of the tenancy, provided that the property and the tenant’s account are in an acceptable condition and the inventory is accurate, the deposit is fully refundable.

To guarantee the safeguarding of deposits, Let by Jacksons adheres to the regulations set forth by the Deposit Protection Scheme. Since April 5th, 2007, all deposits received by Let by Jacksons are held by the Deposit Protection Scheme. You can find further details regarding deposit protection at

As the landlord, you have the opportunity to personally inspect the property after the tenant has vacated, and prior to the deposit being returned, this is in addition to our standard final inspection. This inspection allows you to assess the property’s condition and ensure that it aligns with your expectations. The deposit is then returned within 21 days of the end of the tenancy, once the necessary inspections and verifications have been completed.

At Let by Jacksons, we prioritize transparency and compliance with deposit regulations. Our stringent procedures safeguard the interests of both landlords and tenants, promoting a fair and secure tenancy experience.

Commencement of the Tenancy

Upon the agreed commencement date stated in the Tenancy Agreement, the tenancy officially begins. Prior to the tenant moving into the property, Let by Jacksons takes the necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition. One of these steps involves compiling an inventory and schedule of condition for the property.

The inventory and schedule of condition comprehensively document (including photographs) the state of the property, including all furnishings and fixtures. Additionally, meter readings for gas, electricity, and water (where applicable) are recorded. A copy of this inventory is provided to both the landlord and the tenant, allowing both parties the opportunity to review and confirm its accuracy. This process ensures transparency and serves as a reference point for the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy.

Meter readings are promptly relayed to the relevant utility companies, and South Lakeland District Council is informed of the change in occupancy. It is important to note that BT, the telecommunications provider, requires direct communication from the landlord regarding account changes. Therefore, as the landlord, you will need to contact BT to inform them about the change in account. Similarly, tenants are responsible for contacting BT if they wish to have their services reconnected.

At Let by Jacksons, we take care of the necessary administrative tasks associated with the start of the tenancy, ensuring a seamless transition for both landlords and tenants.


All new tenancies at Let by Jacksons commence with a 6-month Assured Shorthold Contract. After the first 3 months of the tenancy, we conduct a thorough inspection of the property and review the tenancy. At this point, we will contact you, the landlord, to inquire about your preference for the continuation of the tenancy. If you decide not to continue the tenancy, we kindly request that you notify us immediately so that we can serve the statutory notice, which must be done at least 2 months prior to the end of the Assured Shorthold Contract.

Once we receive your response, we will communicate with the tenants. They have the option to either vacate the property at the end of the lease or request permission to continue. If they choose to continue, they can enter into a new Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for a period of 6 months or sometimes one year if both parties agree. In some cases, both the landlord and the tenant may prefer not to commit to a fixed period, and in such instances, the contract can become “statutory periodic.” This means that the tenant can remain in the property under the terms of the original contract without signing a new fixed-term agreement. If the tenants wish to vacate at any time, they are required to provide one month’s notice from the rent day. However, as the landlord, you will need to provide 2 months’ notice from the rent day if you wish to terminate the tenancy.

It’s important to note that when the tenant is issued a Notice requiring Possession (Section 21 notice), they must vacate the property on the specified date. However, if the tenant fails to vacate, enforcement of this notice can only be pursued through the courts.

End of Tenancy

At Let by Jacksons, we follow a systematic process when a tenancy comes to an end. We arrange a meeting with the tenants at the property to conduct a final inspection and review the inventory. During this inspection, we also take meter readings, collect the keys, and obtain a forwarding address from the tenants.

The deposit held for the tenancy will be refunded once we are satisfied that the property has been returned in good condition and the rental payments are up to date. We will contact the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS), which safeguards the deposit, and they will refund the tenants’ deposit within 10 working days.

In the event of a dispute regarding the condition of the property, we first request the tenant to rectify the issue. If the tenant fails to address the problem to our satisfaction, we will include this information in our report to the DPS (Tenants Deposit Scheme). The DPS will then determine the appropriate deduction based on the submission of a valid invoice.


We prioritize the proactive management of our tenanted properties. To ensure that both the property and the tenants are well taken care of, we conduct regular inspections. These inspections serve two important purposes.

Firstly, they allow us to assess whether the tenants are fulfilling their responsibilities in maintaining the property. We ensure that the property is being cared for appropriately, promoting its long-term preservation and protecting your investment.

Secondly, inspections enable us to identify and address any maintenance issues promptly. By detecting and resolving problems early on, we can minimize the risk of further damage and mitigate the potential costs associated with repairs. Our goal is to keep you informed as soon as possible, allowing you to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.

In addition to property maintenance, inspections also provide us with the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the tenants. This knowledge becomes valuable when it comes time to renew the lease. By building a rapport with the tenants and gaining insights into their tenancy experience, we can offer you well-informed advice and guidance during the lease renewal process.

At Let by Jacksons, we believe that regular inspections are essential for ensuring the smooth operation of tenancies, fostering positive relationships with tenants, and protecting your property investment. We are committed to providing you with comprehensive and reliable property management services.


We understand that occasional faults and maintenance issues can arise during a tenancy. When a tenant contacts us regarding a problem, we promptly inform you, the landlord, to ensure swift action. In many cases, minor issues can be resolved quickly and easily. However, there are two important points to consider:

Firstly, in the event of a serious fault or emergency, such as a burst pipe or electrical fault, where we are unable to reach you for authorization, we may need to authorize repairs up to an amount equivalent to twice the agreed monthly rent. This provision is outlined in our Agency Agreement. It is essential to address such emergencies promptly, as there is a statutory obligation (Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenants Act 1985) for landlords to carry out emergency repairs within a specified timeframe.

Secondly, once a property is tenanted, it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure its proper maintenance. We strongly recommend that repairs and maintenance tasks are promptly addressed for the benefit and peace of mind of both the landlord and the tenant.

It’s important to note that tenants have the right to contact the Environmental Health authorities if repairs are not addressed in a timely manner. This could result in an enforcement order, which may require additional repairs and incur further costs.